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Classification Medinan
Position Juzʼ 26
No. of Rukus 4
No. of verses 38

Muhammad (Arabic: محمد, muḥammad; "Part of Muhammad") is the 47th section (surah) of the Quran with 38 stanzas (ayat).

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Surah Muhammad
Surah Muhammad
Surah Muhammad

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  • 1 crafted by the individuals who go against Islam will fail miserably
  • 2-3 Genuine adherents will get the appeasement of their wrongdoings
  • 4-5 How adversaries of Islam are to be treated in war
  • 6-8 God will remunerate the individuals who battle for Islam
  • 9-12 God will totally annihilate the unbelievers
  • 13-17 The last state of adherents and heathens differentiated
  • 18-20 Fakers criticized and cautioned
  • 21 Muhammad directed to ask pardon for his wrongdoings
  • 22-33 Fainthearted Muslims and deceivers censured and cautioned
  • 34-36 The individuals who might prevent Muslims from their obligation cautioned
  • 37 Muslims admonished to strength in fighting for their confidence
  • 38 Muslims admonished to generosity in contributing towards the costs of sacred conflict