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Classification Meccan
Position Juzʼ 25
No. of Rukus 4
No. of verses 37

Surah Jathiya, (Arabic: الجاثية, al-jāthiyah; signifying: "Upon Their Knees", "Hunching") is the 45th part (surah) of the Qur'an with 37 refrains (ayat). It is a Meccan part, accepted uncovered by the Islamic practice during the Meccan period of Muhammad's prophethood. This is one of the seven sections in the Qur'an that beginning with the Muqattaʿat Hāʼ Mīm. It contains conversations of "indications of God" for humanity to think about, and portrays disciplines for the people who deny God regardless of the signs. It likewise contains the main Quranic stanza referencing sharia, a term which Muslims later use to allude to the Islamic regulation.

Surah Jathiya Read Online

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Surah Jathiya
Surah Jathiya
Surah Jathiya
Surah Jathiya

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  • 1 The Quran a divine revelation
  • 2-5 God uncovered in his works
  • 6-10 Discipline of the people who reject the Quran
  • 11-12 God's benevolence found in his works of provision
  • 13-14 Muslims admonished to pardon the unbelievers
  • 15-16 The Book of the law, intelligence, and prescience given to the Israelites
  • 17-19 Muhammad got the Quran
  • 20 The insidious and simply not compensated the same
  • 21-22 Unbelievers and misguided worshipers compromised
  • 23-25 God the creator of life, hence may raise the dead
  • 26-34 Differentiated state of adherents and unbelievers in the judgment
  • 35-37 Recognition to the Ruler of the universe